Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What is Wensdi? - Tuesday's it's pancake day...

It's pancake day today, I'm not going to be having pancakes though as I don't really like them unless they're made by someone else. So maybe it's the making pancakes I don't like? Nah pretty sure it's because every time I make them they aren't particularly nice and are usually rubbery.

Anyway, I have some nice pieces to share today. I have been working on some bigger pattern girls at A3 size, there can be a lot more detail put into the pattern, but I think I need to jig about with scaling pattern slightly if I was to work bigger still.

Please click on them to get a bigger version to appreciate the detail of the pattern.

I have also been working on some group piece's They're also done on A3 but the girls are done at a much smaller scale. So I've had to make separate versions of them so they can be appreciated properly on a screen.
Again please click on them to get a better view.

If you right hand click and open in a new tab you can zoom in and see much better.