Monday, 22 April 2013

What is Wensdi? - Another Monday, no cats - PROMISE!

So, I'm working on redesigning my website and blog to make them a bit more fun and "Wensdi" and a bit less severely boring and clinical looking. Therefore, I have spent today working out a look and feel I want it to have, and have come up with a banner design. I did the initial design by hand.

This is the artwork in its basic unedited scan. I'm very good at drawing aren't I?

This is the artwork after some quick editing and playing around with the idea of adding colour to cheeks, I am undecided as to whether I like it or not.

This is the artwork after I using the Live trace tool on Illustrator, usually live trace destroys all the detail I have put into the illustrations but this time I think it looks quite nice! 

I have just decided I quite like the pink cheeks and will continue to play around and see what I come up with. I really would love to know what anyone thinks about this design so let me know your thoughts.