Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What is Wensdi? - Today

You know when you are bored and you start to look through old stuff and laugh at all the mad shiz you've collected and made over the years? 

I discovered this poem I wrote in 2006, I was 19 then (wow that was long ago), it's completely ridiculous I literally have no idea what it was I was trying to say or why I wrote it. 

Tormented carpet pieces,
lay stripped and torn,
foot worn and tired from use.
Carpet old, has no purpose
stripped of all dignity and pride,
carpet left, tossed aside.
No respect, no retirement party.
Carpet job done, left outside.
Cut in pieces, left out to decompose,
it's life was long, a job well done.
Now forgotten, with no praise at all.
Tormented carpet pieces,
lay scattered in despair.

If anyone out there would like to tell me what the hell they think I was talking about I'd love to hear what your interpretations are!  It can't simply be that I was feeling sorry for a carpet can it?