Monday, 26 August 2013

What is Wensdi? - Bank holiday Monday!

It's a bank holiday Monday today. I imagine this means a lot of you will be enjoying a day off from work. I do so hope you are choosing to spend the time well. It is, after all, a lovely day for it!

I have a few things I want to update today, I've changed my blog around a bit, made it look a bit more pleasing to my eye, hope you all like it too.

I would love it if you would take the time to visit my newly updated website it has all my lovely work on it and the website itself now looks far prettier than it did!  So, when you have a minute free during this wonderful holiday please pop over to, let me know what you think!

If you have one of them there spangly new phones that lets you go on the internet, I imagine it would be rather easy to find a minute to look at my website, you could even do it on the toilet it's not like you have anything better to do at that moment in time. : D

Although if you're anything like my friends you'll probably be uploading pictures of your food to instagram or looking at pictures of dogs. I can't do this because as my friend, Ginge, so eloquently said to me yesterday 'your phone is from the 1800's'. It's not, it is actually from 2011, which I guess nowadays seems quite old, since everyone I know seems to get a new phone at least once a year...Anyway I digress, Please visit  I really did put a lot of time into it and it is very beautiful. :D