Friday, 20 September 2013

What is Wensdi? -Friday, I am alive... Just. :D

I was on such a good roll with work and making frequent posts. I was enjoying the artwork I was working on, I was actually finding work to do and applying for jobs. Things were going great. Then I end up in hospital ill! 

I got out of hospital a little over a week ago and today has been the first day where I've started to feel like me again! Yay, and to celebrate I did a pretty little "pin up" style girlie. I think she is very pretty, Mr Wensdi says she looks slightly alien, this seems to happen a a lot when I draw women, they end up looking alienesque or oriental. I put it down to me being a head of the times... 

Anyway, I would really love to finish the A2 frog piece, which I have Titled - "Anura", I know not the most imaginative name but I like it. Yes, so I would love to finish her but currently I'm still a little tender and can't physically get into the position to work on her. 

That makes me sound odd doesn't it? Like, what possible position do I work in that I can't get into it now to finish it? I guess I could explain, but it makes me sound less mysterious than if I just left it to your imaginations, ha! I work on a huge A1 board and rest the board against a chair and my belly... Currently I can't put any pressure on my belly without being in pain and so cannot work on the piece. :(

I can't wait to finish her though and I look forward to the day I can get back to work on her! Until then you will all have to enjoy the little pretty girlie's I'll be working on in the meantime!

I don't know if it's because I'm in a much better mood today or because I'm listening to Adam and the Ants, but this came out so quick and easily. I think I'll put it down a little bit to both good mood and Mr Adam Ant.

I have learned today that I am currently working in a really crappy sketchbook that doesn't work well with shading or ink. Next time I will work on cartridge paper or a nicer sketchbook. I would love a moleskine sketchbook, but they are so expensive! I think given the month I've had a deserve a nice pretty book to work in, so I may have to treat myself, unless I have any loving and adoring fans out there who would life to buy me one? I could sweeten the deal and let you have the sketchbook after I've filled it! That's a hell of a deal I think! :D