Saturday, 26 January 2013

What is Wensdi? - Saturday, the return!

So I was mean't to come and upload all of the fantastic drawings I had done today while playing out with Andrew, the fact of the matter is NO ONE draws when out playing, so in my desperate attempt to rectify the situation I started looking through all my old stuff I found evidence of all the awful things I did to Snow White and Belle when I was a sexually frustrated first year at uni.

I warn you all now it's not pleasant, not because of the questionable content, but because of how AWFUL these drawings are!! I'm going to share them with you all, so you too can be horrified by the awfulness of them.

The other reason I have decided to show you is because for Christmas I did an illustration of a sexy ass Belle for my brother, and I must say my drawing has improved significantly!! Now I can only show you a photo my brother took of the illustration as I didn't take one because I'm an idiot.
And yes I'm aware the picture isn't in the frame properly, I'm sure he fixed that after...But look at that ass, its like a bajillion times batter that what I was doing 7 years ago.

Anyway, Enjoy.