Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What is Wensdi? - Wednesdays

Oh deary me, I don't have a lot of time today, I feel like the White rabbit rushing round left, right and centre, I haven't even got much to show, I need to do another sketchbook and doodle cull. For now here's the last few bits I have.

Just some heads, working on ideas of hair styles, I really like, well all of them. I've found since I've started to show my doodles and work I've become rather motherly and protective of them, I don't want to say I like any one more than the others as I love all my drawing children and don't want them growing up with mother issues...

Owlies pretty self explanatory, they are owls...I have an idea for these guys, something along the lines of owlie news, with little illustrations of the owls depicting news stories. We'll see if it comes to fruition. 

And some other doodles, Balloony June, her hands are balloons and can blow up to bigger sizes and can explode, don't really know what I was thinking about when I made her, all I know is there is actually nothing more terrifying than a balloon popping, so she'd make one heck of a super villain...Anyway, there's also a shrunken head, she's pretty isn't she? She shouldn't be, but she is.

You know considering I started this post with the awareness of decreasing time, its turned out to be one of the wordiest posts I've written, not that much has actually been said.