Sunday, 22 September 2013

What is Wensdi? - Sunday, the cat returns.

Remember when I used to draw cats in jumpers, almost obsessively? As much as I enjoyed doing that, I must say drawing girlies in barely any clothing or their underwear is much more enjoyable for me! 

But what if I combined the two? And had a sexy girl in a jumper with a cat in a jumper on it? A friend of mine seemed skeptical that I could make cats in jumpers sexy.

Well Mister, take a look at this sexy puss! 

When I started this drawing to prove my Mr. Friend wrong, I started to think perhaps I'd set myself a more difficult task than I had realised. However, looking at this final piece I'm going to give myself a big pat on the back, she's hot!

I think she may be my favorite girlie yet! I really want the bra and knickers! She reminds me a lot of my friend over at That might be because I miss her, or because she has similar hair and is channeling the same level of Hot as the gorgeous Miss Chanty.

I did this illustration on cartridge paper, and found it much easier to do the smooth shading on it. I can really see the difference. It probably also helped that I did her on a bigger piece of paper rather than in an A5 sketchbook, so the details actually shows up on the camera. 

I am very excited to do the next girlie, anyone got any challenges for me? Please feel free to suggest something.