Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What is Wensdi? - How to get a cracking headache...

Good day everyone! It's cold and raining outside, but I'm happy and glad to be alive! 

Last night I was play fighting with my fiance when suddenly we both collided with each other... my teeth into his skull. My face, teeth and head still hurt today, and he has a lovely little purple bump on his head. It hurt so much I started to panic that we may have concussions and that if we fell asleep we would end up in coma's. We didn't! This is huge cause to celebrate!

After my near coma experience I am looking at things in a new way, gone are the days of endless dilly-dallying, and the excuse of, "I'll do it tomorrow"! 

This post today is one I've been meaning to do all week, but I allowed myself too much time to over indulge in procrastination, but not today! 

I did some work for my mother (mumma) a few weeks ago, she wanted a piece of artwork to send to her beloved "Real Housewives of Vancouver" housewife Mary Zilba. Mumma was in contact with Mary Zilba on twitter, and was able to find out what Mary's favourite flower was so I could use it in the proposed artwork. Her favourite flower is the Lily. 

And so, I set off making possibly one of my most favorite illustrations yet. This elegant lovely is very delicate and took many hours but each one I enjoyed greatly. 

I then sent Mary the artwork, the postal service had taken longer than had been quoted, which built up the hugest waves of anticipation, I was dying to know what she thought and the waiting was stomach churning. Then last Thursday the delivery arrived! Mary tweeted the loveliest responses and shared a photo of the work. Fantastic :) These responses made my day, heck they made my month! 

This is my most preferred type of illustration work to do for commission. If anyone else loves this work and would like a piece of this lovely action then please contact me at For a commission the price ranges between £90 for smaller less intricate pieces to £250 for larger more detailed pieces. The piece for Mary was an A3 black and white pen and pencil illustration priced somewhere in the middle of that range.

Even with throbbing teeth and a headache I'm smiling as I write this post, I don't think there's a feeling that feels quite as good as knowing someone loves something you created for them. 

Now I must go and start my plan for killing procrastination and nurturing creation and awesomness!

Enjoy :D